“Amazing photography, art, and inspiration. Julie has a unique view of the world, one that we can all take an example from. Looking at Julie’s work you cannot help but walk away with a smile and having difficulty remembering what it was that was bothering you before you met her. Never change Julie.” 

 Stephen Allen, 11 January 2017

“Julie helped create a wonderful piece to help me honour my late grandfather. Her sensitive, kind and passionate approach to this piece made my experience working with Julie an absolute joy!” 

– Elise Slavin, 23 July 2017

JGAP Testimonial 1“Not only is Julie incredibly talented (her eye for detail is immaculate) but she is an absolutely warm and wonderful person who shows so much genuine care for her clients. Julie created an absolutely beautiful charcoal portrait of my mother’s colleague who passed away suddenly. She did so with such love and attention to detail. I will give an update when her family receives the portrait, but I am sure they will be so incredibly touched. You won’t find another artist as beautifully spectacular as Julie Freeman. I highly recommend her everyone!” 

– Hayley Joy Brown, 10 August 2017

From the blog

“Your art is so expressive and I can see it reflects the beauty and love within you. I enjoy reading your posts and deep yet positive thoughts on Facebook too. Keep up the awesome work being an artist and inspirational person.”

– Deanne

“Okay, you ‘have it’. Do you realize this? Be encouraged to go as far and as deep as you can into your abilities to do creative work. Really tremendous ability you have, young lady.”

– Bryan Maynard

“Julie, how blessed you are to embrace the essence of spirit: the inner eye, the spiritual heart: the purity within beauty, and ear of for the true beauty of truth!” 

– Lavern

“You are a MULTI-TALENTED personality… Julie am glad to have such a talented person in my list. You are incredible.”

– Aviral Kulshreshtha

“I love your balance of humor and gravity.”

– Sarah Myers

“Your thoughts are so rich… I don’t think I’ve managed to think quite so deeply or complexly since uh dunno maybe before having kids and the onset of chronic “mommy brain”.”

– Momaste

“I find your words fascinating day-after-day.”

– Gedward Smith

“I can only pray that you and your work will travel the world and make a name for yourself!” 

– Villapina

“Wow!!! Exquisite! Amazing eye for quality of heart.” 

– Christopher Snell

“Really appreciate your initiative to help others to manage this chaotic world.” 

– Colorful Life

“You have got to be my favorite photographer of all time.” 

 – Shane

“You exude passion in both your writing and your art – a true gift to viewers such as myself. Thank you for sharing your eye for beauty.” 

– Yarn of the Yak

“All art is local and personal, but when someone chooses to be brave by owning and developing “her” craft (hint, hint ;), she brings wonder and dignity and beauty to the rest of us, her broader community. She helps us see with new eyes!! Thank you for being so brave and for putting your true nature first. Much respect for your decision to live what you express and for the influence you bring to this world. Bravissimo!!” 

– Bryan Maynard

“An appreciation for the beauty all around us is something I’m just beginning, at age 50, to really reflect on. You’re way ahead of me!” 

– Deb

“I like your spirit, your philosophy and your challenge to life itself.” 

– Patrice

“Your work and blog is truly wonderful, your ideas about peace, creativity and nature mirror my thoughts and inspiration for my work.” 

– Lavendar

“Your perspective is mature beyond your years and the world is lucky because of it. Keep up the writing. You have a wisdom badly needed by our culture.” 

– Nancy A Leport

“People are only limited by the depth of their imagination… I see you will go far, because I can tell you’re not afraid of heights.” 

– Christopher Snell