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Welcome to my neck of the woods.

This site is dedicated to bringing nature back to life.

I created this space to inspire you to find calm inspiration in a chaotic world, because a little more nature never harmed nobody and there’s countless studies to prove it.

My hope is to leave the world a little brighter and in love with mama nature.

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown


Julie Green is an office manager, a visual artist, photographer, writer, volunteer firefighter, nutrition coach, and PT who is blessed to live by the bush.

She’s passionate about wildlife conservation, environmentalism and conscious capitalism, cares about making tiny footprints, and healing through nature.

In her spare time, you will find her hiking in Australia with her hubby, the brilliant (and handsome) owner of Freeman’s Fitness in Hornsby. New South Wales.


Julie Green is a multi-passionate Sydney-based artist who works in acrylic, pencil, natural-light photography, and the written word. She has learnt to hone her craft over years of self-directed practice. Julie’s vision of the beauty of nature is inspired by her time as a volunteer firefighter and avid hiker who has lived by the bush all her life.

Her approach to art, life and people has been described as genuine, warm and sensitive, with an undeniable passion due to her subtle ‘challenge to life itself’ – which is what she attempts to channel in all her work.

Drawing inspiration from the impressionists and expressionists, Julie’s artwork, writing and photography have been described as being ‘from the heart’ with an attention to detail that ‘helps others see with new eyes.’

By sharing her art, Julie’s mission is to open the space for others to dive deeper into nature, whether it be: into their experience and appreciation of the natural world; to find peace of mind and inspire calm in a nervous world; to find healing through nature and human connection; or to feel the joy that can be found in simple moments.

Her art and photography have been featured across Australia and online, through Australia.com, Blue Mountains Australia, Blue Mountains Gazette, Hornsby Advocate, Ourbribie.com, Australia Nature Conservancy, Oxfam Australia, WIRES NSW, Light Space & Time, Berowra Village, Central Coast Council, and Hornsby Council.

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