The gift of art

For all the times I complain about motherhood, it’s also my inspiration.

I have been on and off with my art for so many years. Work came first. Life came first. Then when my son came along, I had to create.

I had the support and time to create.

There was less pressure, at first, “to work.”

It’s what I’d dreamt of ALL my life.

I didn’t think I could before. I didn’t have the pressure my brain craves; the thrill and anxiety of wondering when my baby would wake drove me to paint fast (because I like to finish my pieces… ) and I had to let go of making art perfect.

Before motherhood, I never painted like I do now. I never fully embraced it; always letting it slide to and fro out of sight. I didn’t understand my brain like I do now.

I opened my paint and sip classes online during lockdown, to bring people together. To give them something inspiring. To give them the gift of their own creativity.

It was beyond validating; it was a gift.

This is the first year I finally said, “F*ck it, I AM an artist.

Because it’s not just for me.

It is a tool to build flow and presence in motherhood and beyond.

Art is one of the most generous healers.

There is inspiration at the canvas.

It’s healing. It’s spiritual. It connects us…

To self, to others, to the universe.

It’s been a truly difficult year. But also deep, profound, healing; and my art – and yours – will bring more colour and vitality to this journey of life.

Bring on 2023.

P.S. I am thinking of offering some very exciting coaching and creative well-being services in 2023. But I’d love your help to discover what you truly need. Please feel free to PM me “2023” and let’s start a conversation about where you’re at.

2 responses to “The gift of art”

  1. Beautiful words and beautiful and varied artwork. You are both a writer and an artist extraordinaire, Julie. Your words and pictures touch us in unique ways.


    1. That means the world, thank you x


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