Angels drive utes

“Are you okay?” Jason yelled out of the window, after he stopped his ute behind my little car on the fast-moving highway.

I had been driving over 100km/hour, with a toddler screaming…

“I want GWAMMAAAA….!!!!” (grandma)

Over the hour he screamed, I went through the 10 stages of parenting: from gentle mother to roaring lionness, when I felt my brain might explode.

I pulled over rapidly, as it’d been an hour and I couldn’t drive like that anymore when I was already fatigued from minimal sleep.

“He just won’t stop screaming!” I said to Jason, clearly upset.

The Shearer opened his arms and gave me a cuddle…

We all have hard times,” he said.

“He’s just being a toddler and it’s not your fault.”

It’s incredible to me that a stranger knew the words I needed to hear.

I’d had a beautiful but challenging weekend away, and all I wanted to do was sleep when my toddler’s loud whining pushed my limits.

After The Shearer reminded me to take the pressure off myself and gave me more hope to fill my tank, I hopped back in the car and drove another 3 hours, tired as hell, with both my toddler and I more settled.

I thought I was in the middle of nowhere, where no one would see my pain, but Jason did and I’ve discovered angels drive utes.

Just when I think I’m at my limit, the universe says, “You’re just getting started, remember?”

P.S. Kindness really matters. x

2 responses to “Angels drive utes”

  1. Lovely presented true life story, Julie, I feel your pain and yet you make me smile at the same time.


    1. Thank you. It’s nice to know it still made you smile.


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