“Blessed with Beauty” – Featured by Hornsby Advocate, 15 Feb

Great North Walk Nature Photography

Great North Walk

Spotted in the Hornsby Advocate today, ‘Blessed with Beauty.’ Aren’t we just? Thanks to the editor for the write up.

On the spot, I am not the most eloquent speaker (I’ll work on it!) but I am sure readers can sense my enthusiasm nonetheless.

I am so grateful for the beautiful world we live in and opportunities to share that. We’re lucky to have the people and places we do. This shire has some of the most beautiful bushland of all and hikes like this one keeps me sane.

When you’ve been resting a headache all day like I have, it’s nice to have reminders like this that we’re doing okay. We’re here to find peace in the chaos and light this place up with what brings us alive.

Love & Light,

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