NEW PAINTING – Sydney Harbour Parachute Scene, To Honour ‘Pop’

I’m a little lost for words with this one….

But I’ll try to do it justice.

After a few months of painting (and almost 100 hours later), I’ve finally handed this piece to its gorgeous owner.

Elise approached me a few months ago with a request to create an artwork to honour her late grandfather.

The vision and imagery reflect not only Elise’s sharp vision but her true care and love for someone so special.

And while I know very little about the man, I know enough that he was a gentle, kind, generous, and determined soul who’s left a compassionate and powerful legacy. What a man!

This is the FIRST TIME I have ever taken on a piece like it. I’ve NEVER painted a city scene, let alone a plane or parachute. I’ve rarely DARED to create a piece that is from vision and visual references of our choosing alone – without tracing – to create something that brings to life one granddaughter’s memory and deep love. While I’ve been afraid in the past, this was a reminder to jump and just do it. And I really hope I did them justice.

(What an adventure it really is to PAINT, huh!)

While painting this piece, I lost my own grandfather and someone else I care about, but to paint has been one of the most cathartic and beautiful experiences I could ask for. During the process of funerals and goodbyes, I finally met my great Uncle, the professional artist, who, I am sure, is one of the reasons my family is full of artists in the first place – and passed the passion through my mother, his niece, to me.

Many times, I’ve caught myself reflecting on the impact we each have on the people and communities around us – and the fact that we must not underestimate the enormous reach and power that we each carry with us every day. And to laugh.

It reminds me to be someone who lifts people up and loves them wholeheartedly – to give and give, and bring light, always.

Especially when darkness falls.

Before I go on too long, another huge thank you to Elise and family for choosing me to create an artwork in honour of your Pop. I am one blessed and happy little artist indeed.

Here is what she said:

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart

Much love and light
(keep spreading it),

2 responses to “NEW PAINTING – Sydney Harbour Parachute Scene, To Honour ‘Pop’”

  1. Julie, That is a first class work of art. Congratulations.


  2. This is a first class comment, and one I treasure! Thank you 🙂


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