Beautiful words by a lovely blogger.

What Do Ya' Reckon?

take flight

If a bit of you
Could change the world
Would you bestow it?

If that small piece could…

Give light to a dark journey
Give breath to a poet
Give love that extra moment

Would you entrust it to another?

Some smallest bit
No longer needed
…no longer used

Would you give it to another…
…and change their world?

(there is a lovely blogger named Julie ( who asked me to write a piece about organ donation.  Julie is very involved in FilmLife Project (, which spotlights short films on the beauty/importance of organ donation.  It is a joyous read — have a look!)

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2 responses to “Selfless”

  1. Was I lazy in having missed the fact on this site of your involvement in something I believe in so much …? Not that Chic’s death from lung cancer or the age I may be when I die means either of us will contribute much; but I have left my body to the medical fraternity in case there’s ANYTHING they can use!


    1. That’s really interesting M.R. and I had no idea – you’re not lazy at all. I went to the filmmaking workshops and took some promo shots for FilmLife last year and this year I’ve come on board. I’ve not really mentioned it much and I’d actually thought to contact you to ask if you’d be interested in writing anything but I had no idea where you sat on the issue. How things align! Please e-mail me if you want to chat any more about it: 🙂


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