Rainbow Lorikeet Family Photos

The homies

The other day, I was just getting into my work when my mates showed up for a chinwag and feed. Naturally, I had to respond by taking my camera out for a good family photography session. Enjoy!

The Lorikeet Family Joy and the LorikeetWhat did I have to do today?

“Now, what was it that I had to do today?”

Rainbow Lorikeet up close Lorikeet up close Eating You whaattT? Dance like there's no tomorrow

Doesn’t he look great doing his dance?


That’s all for now. Have a beautiful week, lovebirds! Don’t forget to show yourself, your family, your mates, or your love plenty of love and kindness in the lead up to Valentine’s Day (and beyond!).

Much love,

15 responses to “Rainbow Lorikeet Family Photos”

  1. thelifeofababybuddha Avatar

    I love love love these photos 🙂


  2. digitalgranny Avatar

    These are amazing shots of these beautiful birds.


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