Happy 1st Blogiversary to This Little Blog!

Blue dot

Today marks the anniversary of the day that I took myself seriously enough to buy my very first domain name juliegreenart.com.

I currently feel like a little wren: small in the scheme of things, busy and in the way I see it, sometimes an elusive part of this blog. I have a lot more flying to do to make this the blog I want it to be (ed: but it has been unreal).

I have learnt a lot over the past twelve months here, and other lessons that I hope to apply here, so thank you for being on the ride and for waiting, like I do, for this little wren to sing his song for me each week. I look forward to reading what you think of my tiny section of the world.

Thank you as always!

Close up wrenBirds on a wireSuperb Wren Australia

41 responses to “Happy 1st Blogiversary to This Little Blog!”

  1. Julie.. Congrats for your beautiful blog. I really am glad to be your one of the follower as I have learned a lot from your blog like photography, writing skills. Keep writing and capturing pictures. Once again congrats for your blog anniversary. Loving it. 🙂


    1. You’re one of my most cherished members of the blogging community. It’s such a dear pleasure to read this and I appreciate you and your words immensely. So glad to finally have the chance to say thanks!


  2. Happy birthday and well done! I love this little bird.


  3. Happy 1st anniversary!!
    You are very talented, some seriously gorgeous artworks!


    1. Finally, thank you so much Lisa.


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