The Feeling of Love


“I didn’t know what to think, but what I felt was magnetic and so big it ached like the moon had entered my chest and filled it up. The only think I could compare it to was the feeling I got one time when I walked from the peach stand and saw the sun spreading across the late afternoon, setting the top of the orchard on fire while darkness collected underneath. Silence had hovered over my head, beauty multiplying in the air, the trees so transparent I felt like I could see through to something pure inside them. My chest ached then, too, this very same way.” 

Sue Monk Kidd

7 responses to “The Feeling of Love”

  1. Goodness! – I have never heard of her, and her words are amazingly evocative. How did you find her, Julie?


  2. I was drawn by the beauty of the words and your wonderful photo Julie! Thank you for this stirring post. Sharon


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