Top Posts of 2013

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

I have three (3 1/2) good excuses to make a ‘top posts’ post for 2013: it’s nearly the end of the year (close enough), I’ve just turned another year older and it’s almost a year since I launched this blog and I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and loving! Cheers to the best of for 2013, its first year in the blogosphere, but most of all, cheers to you.

  • Why Should I be Positive? 10 Reasons

Winner of Special Recognition Award in Botanical Art Exhibition Photography & Digital Category online“Like anyone else, I’ve had downs, maybe not to the same extent as the next person, but still intense enough for me to see what they do to me, which is create a life-sucking monster… But there are reasons to be positive again and to search it out once more.”  Read more…

  • Hiking Boots and the Fairtrade Easter Bunny

Bushwalk beauty“This weekend, I’ve been bushwalking, waitressing, drinking cheeky beverages with mates, and enjoying the sun out in the garden. Any Easter seems incomplete without chocolate these days, so this time I decided to go Fairtrade.”  Read more…

  • 6 Things I Wish for on my Twenty-Third Birthday

Childhood sight“This year I wanted to make all birthday spirits and superstitions (the ones that don’t like you voicing aloud your secret wishes) squirm by putting my wishes to paper. Picture me in freeze-frame, closing my eyes and scrunching my face to make my wish. I know I’m cheating a little by making it six.”  Read more…

  • The Simple Pleasures

“While I am working on another post, I thought I’d share a few more of my Rainbow Lorikeet pictures with you. The whole gang decided to show up yesterday when the lighting was just brilliant.”  Read more…

  • That’s Where I Want To Be

Gorgeous white roses“I’ve caught the busy bug, you know the one? …I haven’t been able to write to you nearly as much as I wish to and all I want to do is get away, write and take photos until my heart’s content. In that vein, here are pictures from a trip to the Blue Mountains and Queensland last November.”  Read more…

  • Rainbow Dance in the Morning Light

“This morning I walked outside to take some shots of the rainbow lorikeets in the trees, when one flew down and started dancing in front of the camera. Luckily, another mate landed on the balcony for it to impress instead of me.”  Read more…

  • Early Autumn in the Mountains

Mount Wilson“Coming home is the comedown of any adventure. Reality hits you in the face as soon as you land back where you started. Time seems stranger. You are left in a daze wondering where the time went. You play the memories over and over in your mind…” Read more…

What’s your favourite post on my blog? 

Thanks for being on the ride!

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2 responses to “Top Posts of 2013”

  1. Hi dear Julie. There is not one post I like more or better. Your first year as a blogger! FAB! I can only say, quickly out of the top of my heart, what a colorful bouquet of talent you are! WE ARE THE BUD BLOSSOMING EVERY DAY! May your life grow you into the beautiful flower that you are!!! GO GIRL!

    Yeah, Anais Nin…good choice girl! 🙂 Pina


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