Time Out, QLD style

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” – Unknown

Life’s been up and down and around these past few months, with me being a yes man and nearly burning myself out with a hectic schedule and an over-ambitious mind. It happens. A more critical self often comes into the picture with an overactive schedule and less ‘me’ time, so it’s been high time for me to re-balance myself once more. I’m learning to accept it as a regular part of me, a process of being alive and being in my twenties. So, with a time-out being called for, I followed my instincts and drove off to QLD for a week and I am so glad I did. I loved the time away and the couple of days I had at home by myself after, to gain more clarity before diving back in. I feel I’m remembering myself and fitting back into my skin again (although it’s always growing – it’s a funny thing, isn’t it?) Here’s part of my journey in photographs that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Photos from top to bottom: Australia Zoo’s animals, including the endangered Red Panda and Sumatran TigerMeeting old friends and going to town with a drinking coconut at Caloundra. Road trips, including one to organic-nature-earth-loving Maleny, the forest-filled Montville and the eerie Big Pineapple. Sunsets at Bribie Island. A beach day with my “bff” to finish it off. Returned to bushfire filled NSW, with winds and smoke filling my home town.

Also sending my thoughts and wishes to those affected by bushfires around NSW and Australia. May peace and safety be with you and yours. It’s tough times, but it’s through these times that we find one another again.

Keep inspiring & being you,

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