The Secret of Flight

The Secret of Flight

“The secret of flight is this – you have to do it immediately, before your body realizes it is defying the laws.”

Michael Cunningham

6 responses to “The Secret of Flight”

  1. Ah…well at least metaphorically 😉


      1. lol…seriously though with all this “positive thinking” you can do whatever you want t etc…one becomes wary, though I knew this was not your case


    1. I agree, Bastet. And I do understand many implications of such. Do you want to expand on that a bit more?


      1. It’s a funny quote, and I think that’s why I posted it. It could be taken in different ways and seems odd to me looking at it again! I think it was in the context that sometimes you do just have to take a leap of faith (metaphorically) in some contexts… but anyway, what I’d really like to know are your thoughts re. positive thinking.


      2. Just a little as I’ve a lesson to plan :-). It seems that since films like “The Secret” et al have come out there has been an ever growing superstitious movement towards “positive thinking” and the so called “law of attraction” which in the end has gotten all out of hand. There are people who believe that because they aren’t positive enough that they’ve lost their jobs or perhaps a hurricain has hit their home or are that they are the victims of the global economic crisis, that sort of stuff. If anything it has made a lot of money for the “self help” writers and gurus, but it is doing nothing towards responsabilizing the more credulous elements of our society, making them somehow even more vunerable to “blind fate”. In a word…and just saying and all that.


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