Warm Air and Flowers Blooming; Spring is Here.

Spring is Here

“Every intoxicating delight of early spring was in the air. The breeze that fanned her cheek was laden with subtle perfume and the crisp, fresh odor of unfolding leaves.” 

Gene Stratton-Porter

7 responses to “Warm Air and Flowers Blooming; Spring is Here.”

  1. Well we are new friends I guess….and united by flowers….so I connect you to someone I am sure you aready know…Brigid….you will love her blog if you have not been there already. http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/two-awards-from-brigid/ Awards for you.


  2. Hi Julie. Such cinchronicity and such fun to see your spring bee picture. We are nearing autumn. I love the flowers and the beezzz. I was at a beekeeper evening. This was just to say hello and to wish so an awesome spring and summer, Pina


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