Photography: Army of Blue Crabs

On the way home from our hike to Taffy’s Rock last week (see the post), we stopped at a bay to play around with an army of crabs. When we walked towards them, they scuttled and fell over each other to get away from us (The Giants with Boots), until we stood rock still and they all came back. I had to get a close up of their funny faces! There were thousands of them, and the sound of them clinking and banging against each other and the ground made me laugh.  Aren’t they funny?

Mister crabby up closeRunn!!!!RUNNNN!!! HUMANS!!!Beautiful bayArmy of crabs360 views

Thank you all for being patient with me while I (unfortunately) write less here. I would write a post every day if I could but life simply is busy. However, since my Allure of Junk post on getting on top of things, I’ve felt relaxed and inspired, and I hope you are too. I’m having a great time working for author Chris Allen; writing for Oxfam; waitressing – all as per usual. Getting back into weight training, bushwalking and nature therapy are the absolute best things of all (as you can see in the last few photography posts).

Anyway, I really love hearing from you and I can’t wait to chat more soon. What’s been happening for you?

Keep inspiring and loving,

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