Behind The Brands

A really fabulous blog post about Oxfam’s new campaign: Behind The Brands. It’s about creating consciousness and positive change! That’s what I like.

6 responses to “Behind The Brands”

  1. It’s a good idea for sure, will it happen? probably not. I know that sounds negative but upon see human nature every single day and I see that humans just love to be the makers of their own destruction.

    The planet could be 1% away from having an environmental disaster happen and some human somewhere would still push that aside to gain some money or something else that they find valuable.


    1. I don’t disagree with you and it is a real shame. It doesn’t stop me from feeling some inch of hope & gladness that there are people out there who want change and who want to create awareness – and I think looking to them is important. As alluring as companies, brands, products, convenience are, I think it is important that individuals see these campaigns, have knowledge and hopefully one day REALLY use it against these huge corporations and against the wrongful use of money & power – if only with the small step of saying we want better and we will buy differently if it doesn’t change. It’s idealistic and hopeful, but we are running ourselves into the ground and I’m not cool with that 😉


      1. Raising awareness is excellent and noble but I wonder how many people actually put this knowledge into action. I remember years back in a place where I worked there was a big thing about Nestle being bad for various reasons? they are still there, they are still massive, nothing has changed.

        It is these massive conglomerates that probably have so much hold over governments, its why alternative fuels for cars for example are crushed because the oil companies wont allow it.

        It is why (in my opinion) that there is no cure for cancer as the pharmaceutical companies would lose revenue. (although I may have gone off on a tangent there, but the principle is the same i think)


      2. Raising awareness doesn’t necessarily change the world, but I’m hopeful it makes people change bits and pieces about their companies (or lives) to make them more ethical or to create ones that strive for those things, if only in the future. It is really hard in our world, with money hungry humans and humans that find foresight really difficult, and that’s why my main goal is to find inner peace within myself and to help others to do the same, especially because the rest is so conflicting. Being negative, apathetic, uncertain, and depressed hasn’t worked for me as easy as it would be for me to feel unhappiness and to be apathetic about all these things. If a couple of people change their lifestyle and a couple of companies change their policies, then great. If only we could change it all. I wish it wasn’t like this in the first place. Even if we can’t change it – there’s a LOT to do, I don’t want to sit back and do nothing, I’d rather work for something, and it is hard. And it is a lot to do with the huge corporations and conglomerates who now hold power over government with their money, as you’ve said. And you’re right about the cure for cancer. And it’s true. It’s sad. And for me, I can’t just sit back and not say or do anything. We can demand and hope for better.


      3. Hopefully the balance will swing in the favour of people wanting to do the right thing, people like yourself. We always live in hope 😀


      4. Thank you. Absolutely.


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