Fresher food, fresher me

A highlight of every weekend is visiting the Farmers’ Markets in Eveleigh, but moreso what I get out of it: fresh food and a fresher me.

Until the last few months, I’d never been to a fresh food market. I’d never really thought to. But thanks to my walking Google (the boyfriend), I realised that it’s great to and conventional food is not as good as I imagined (I guess even before him, I despised the mounds of processed food the average person ate. I’ll eventually write an in-depth post about the chemicals on ‘fresh’ fruit and veg in your local Coles, and the aisles of processed #$%!). For now I’ll keep it short.

Short, because that’s what the visit to the markets is, but it leaves an afterglow. I notice the difference in my mind and body when I get (and eat) bags full of fresh organic kale, chinese veg, leek, rhubarb, basil, the best apples in town, tomatoes, mixed bags of stone fruit, and the best gluten free bread you’ll ever taste… even if I look like a dag carting huge bags under my arms with leafy greens hanging out the top, making it hard for myself. Take note: it’s good, it’s fun and everyone at the markets smiles at you and looks healthy and sharp. I love it. My body loves it. Rethinking my supermarket visits and heading off to the Farmers’ Markets each weekend has been one of the best things I’ve done.


17 responses to “Fresher food, fresher me”

  1. I love farmers’ markets! They’re so colourful and you usually find things you’ve never seen (or at least tried) before! And the produce can be so cheap when it’s in season! Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep enjoying your new discovery! =)


    1. Yes, you’re right. I love them too. There’s (what appears to be) a new stall at these markets and I get huge quantities of veggies for quite cheap really. They’re great value. The bundles of kale, spinach, basil, and rhubarb are actually hard to carry they are so big – and yet they are not pricey by any means. So anyone who says they can’t eat healthily because it’s expensive, obviously isn’t being very creative or trying the market produce! Thank you, you’re welcome. Thanks for the lovely comment.


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