Chief – First drawing ever sent via snail mail


So if there’s anything you’ve learnt about this blog already, it is that in between my ramblings and musings you’ll find bits and bobs of my art and photography.

I wanted to share this one because it was very exciting when I sent it off in the post. For the past four years, I’ve had my head in the books with little time to surface and give attention to my art. Interest in commission work slipped. So to get this drawing all set to go off in the mail this month and to track it on its way to my client’s letterbox was a real ‘moment’ for me and my love of art.

Meet ‘Chief’, a most beautiful dog, may he rest in peace. Looking at that face and those eyes of his, I think he must have had a gorgeous spirit.

Hope you enjoy.


14 responses to “Chief – First drawing ever sent via snail mail”

  1. Beautiful dog and beautiful drawing! You are not only a very talented artist but you can look into the dog’s heart and show us all their wonderful souls…. At least this is my impression from your portraits…


    1. That’s a most gorgeous and beautiful comment to receive. If that’s what you get from my drawings then I think that is really lovely. I hope that’s what I do.


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