The reason we’re here

If there was a theme for the last year, it was to stand and stay strong, find balance and discover your own truth, which is why this blog is simply my name and why we are here. It’s a personal journey of my own to fit pieces I’ve learnt about the world into a writing and visual jigsaw that I can share with you and hopefully use to provide insight into our many different lives, including, strangely, my own. It’ll be a reminder of the things that keep me strong, that give me things to both scratch my head about and love about where I am, or it will simply look at odd bits of my life while I’m young, including adventures that I have. It will make me laugh and hopefully you too. I don’t know the audience I’ll reach and I don’t know you yet, but I am grateful for you coming along and I’m excited for what’s next. You’ll make this journey all the more real by sticking by. Stay tuned!


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